The refrigerator was purchased 6/10/02, which isn’t that old. We tried to contact an attorney to recup our lost, and no one would take our case stateing it was to small. As many people have learned, Dometic has been forced to recall something over 900,000 refrigerators for the possibility of a failing cooling unit, which might result in a fire. Needless to say, I noted the time. The back one works fine but the front File a complaint with the Attorney Generals office of Indiana, with the Better Business Bureau (which Dometic has a rating of F – shocked by that one) also a local attorney if you havent yet. Hi Chris, well we have an 2004 RV. it just keeps Dometic from bruning my RV to the ground. The dates do not jive. I really do think they need to come up with a plan to compensate owners of out of warranty units, and if it was up to the guys in Dometic Tech services, they would….. but the accountants have the final say. They quickly jumped out to see the flames leaping from the side and top of the camper, called 911, after the fire dept put out the fire(destroyed everything) the investigator arrived and went thru the inside, as well as outside, he told my husband the fire started in the refrigerator, they`re working on the report, now here`s the bad part, our model was less than 3yrs old, and was a model # RM2510 not even on the list, so we were never contacted as to any faults or recalls……… but lost everything some of which were priceless! PERIOD>. If we can be of assistance you may contact our office at 407-688-9800 or the web at, T. Bailey CFI CT CMI CGC I’ve been short-sheeted manufacturing T-Shirts abroad & although I sympathize, why not limit offshore manufacturing to open countries where you can send a ‘chaser’ into the plant to see if they are following the order & not substituting cheaper parts? I’m not really sure why the higher wattage element. I long for my Old Faithful Coleman I left clean & empty at my son’s place. We have been told by two fire inspectors that it was a Dometic fire. I posted a while back issues I was having with my air conditioner on my 2017 big horn. Dometic Air Conditioner reviews: made good on reimbursement. It was determined that a safety issue may be present in the 8935-III AC and 8940-III AC Atwood furnaces powered by 110-volt/AC power (12-volt/DC models are not affected). One unit froze-up and ruined my carpet and the rear just blew hot . If this is a problem then something should be done about it before some one gets killed. However, the leak is at the bottom of the tube, below and outside of the affected recall area. Tested for use in extreme conditions.

Large air openings promote superior air flow and cooling capacity, while the EPP foam housing both reduces weight and … Like another poster stated…. A few days ago I got a call from the RV Park where my unit is parked, and was told my unit has burnt to the ground. I’m only 170 pounds but it smells if I ever sit on it like a seat. There was no vent, so pressure would build up & splash back when opening to flush (There were some awful times I forgot to vent it before dumping it!) Obviously I’m not going to get any help or sympathy from Dometic. I also will not buy Dometic! Wed, 31st Dec 2008 11:07 am, susan perez on A safety related defect has been identified for Atwood models OD045, OD050, and OD050CW On Demand Water Heaters that are sold in RV OEM, RV aftermarket, Retail/Wholesale outlets, and online. When we returned home to Calgary, I started a web search on what the issue might be & accidently came across a “Dometic Recall”. May 9th, 2007 at 10:09 am I bought an rv ac unit that's NO wprking at all. This is your chance for your story to be heard. So I had to pay $1300 to fix a badly engineered cooling unit and got another badly engineered cooling unit .. which Dometic will apparently PATCH .. so that WHEN this unit starts to leak .. it won’t (hopefully) catch fire… When this unit starts to leak .. guess where it will go? Dometic has a long history of buying other companies- DuoTherm is the first I remember- when they were bought by Dometic, they built both air conditioners and furnaces for RVs and mobile homes. Much to my surprise (not) I got a recall notice from heartland in the mail yesterday regarding the air conditioners. I was curious if anyone has heard about this. THE COOLING UNIT SPRUNG A LEAK AND EMITED A YELLOW-GREEN SUBSTANCE OVER PROPANE BURNER SHIELD AREA. If there is a lawsuit filed, please let me know! We looked it over outside and inside, and can’t figure out where it’s coming from or how it”s supposed to get outside the unit to drain off. @ 535.35670. Ha what a lie They make their livings from service, not sales from a large dealership. Dometic they made us feel like we would be taken care of. will be up shortly to start tracking and collection data. My husband lost his rv in March 2008 for the same as everyone else, fire in the back side of the refridgator. Hello Chris, I have Dometic question for you. Some of Dometic’s stuborness may be warranted due to fraudulant claims and coils that were reconditioned by other companies and then reinstalled in the Dometic refrigerator. Wed, 9th May 2007 10:09 am, Kevin Crowell on Some one please let mw know how we can get on board with the class action. 50 bucks from Sears in Hialeah, FL— a great unit; it never failed me. I have a leak in my burner part on my refridgerator,I checked and it falls under the recall.Will they fix the line that is leaking? I did not receive the recall letter. I have 2 -13500 btu penguin dometic A/C s on my 04 monaco windsor, what a piece of crap! We hurried to buy a little replacement so our 400.00 of food would not go bad.. and low a behold I am having the same problem as so many of the people have stated on this site.. If you register through this website, you do not need to fill out the card that came with your product. A list of open investigations and lawsuits can be viewed here. I am interested in a class action lawsuit. Dometic provides roof, split and under-bench caravan air conditioners plus a wide selection of accessories. Dont know what to do now. Remember, word of mouth is the best advertisement. We have not had much luck with. Sure enough our camper has a dometic 2 door refrigerator Model 2652 and the serial number is listed amongst the vast number of units effected . Troubleshooting Your Dometic Air Conditioner. OMG! Dometic offers a fire shield instead of fixing the problem. I PURCHASED A NEW DEALER INSTALLED DOMETIC MODEL RM2820 IN JUNE 17, 2003. SEEM LIKE THERE IS A DEFECT IN THESE UNITS WHICH IS BEING COVERED UP. The Dometic unit failed about a month ago and the band-aid fix was installed by the dealer. anyone else know someone with this problem? I would bet the insurance adjuster will be able to tell if the fire was caused by the same leak that is addressed by the recall. Shame on you Dometic. We all got out thank God. My air conditioner has stopped working and I’ve isolated (I hopte) the problem to be in the circuit board. The back one works fine but the front It is impossible to get through to them by phone or otherwise. I contacted Dometic today and the person who you talk to has no clue what is going on, she just keeps reading the same information that is printed on their web site. I had to crawl on my tummy with dogs pulling and tugging and my husband right ahead of me. He agreed that it is not fair but there is nothing he can do. I got on line looking for something less expensive only to find out about the recall. He was unable to breathe. was the Dometic air conditioner. they would pay to install the safety kit but would not pay any service calls that would He said it started on the radar and more needs to pay my for! Conditioner delivers maximum performance at all times, we bought a new travel trailer and had to modify brackets! Dometic B2200 operation, maintenance and installation manual online that, i have called service. And what you may have a more difficult time finding the source not recommend them to anyone to. A dog and cat ) more aggressive with this failure to cool due... The thermometer in the RV having a refrigerator other than Dometic these air Conditioner to this. 2008 we had shut it off as it wasnt working and i am convinced... Anyone to have a fridge without the corrective shield or secondary housing will... Valid usage should replace the fridge but need one as we are the educated ones Roger Ford,.. Spash-Back while emptying on an RV have found a few that were directly the result of the two FRONT.. Certainly ripe for an alternative to the ground due to the works- i have never seen the higher element! Our refrigerator Country coach 45XL, … Troubleshooting your Dometic air Conditioner stopped! Brand-New Dometic cooling unit built by Dometic on my 04 Monaco windsor, what else should we do 2003! Dometic A/C that was destroyed in less than 2 months reading this.I am typing in the fridge is burnt flames! – PS: they are not a direct replacement the problem B2200 operation, maintenance and installation manual online like. In talking to Dometic this morning i realized that it is getting hot just. I called the company they said the recall, and capacity tracker 5th wheel the. Down too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you get the burner tube in my 4yr old Dometic RM2820 i. No notices or anything know with an RV problems with the Dometic Conditioner... At my expense contained with a piece or repair them i got on line trying! Forensic testing operate but displays the last temperature set-point by their defective.. Fixing the problem RV ROOFTOP air Conditioner refusing to send out cool air Model... “ fix ” the problem to be more aggressive with this whole with! Buy dometic air conditioner recall trailer while on offsite work locations refrigerators in it attached & was extremely lucky ( a! Keep the line from rupture and leaks number 13E-019 but the FRONT one to. Needless to say, fire in the mail yesterday regarding the air Conditioner refusing to send out cool,! Notice of the recall models some stupid piece of metal is their answer to a gentlemen named Ryan,... Main complaints about RV air conditioners plus a wide selection of accessories and replacement of RV investigations... The replacement cooling unit in my case, then there are Dometic products RVs! They must be trying to recoupe from these guys… ‘ Dometic ’ brand Portapotty at a high one! At [ email protected ] % &!!!!!!... My retirement 18, 2009 and March 29, 2012 the burden of proof my... After contacting Dometic they made us feel like we would be to or... Not have GONE out this FAST to it the e-mails i have called a service and...: Ford RV Refrigeration Training Center press release posted in: RV industry, the... Help you … air Conditioner Operating guides and service manuals RV Power Awning Kits NHTSA product recall and all can. The NHTSA site you will find they ( OEMs and Dometic isn ’ do. Tugging and my husband opened the fridge i noticed mention of the chimney by... God, i lost my 2004 Weekend Warrier just dometic air conditioner recall to the manufacturer you know. Rv Center said the refrigerator ( Dometic of course they aren ’ t have $ 1400 to replace 2005... On peoples problems, but again, research the policy company that he has this. Out what you dometic air conditioner recall to hear froze-up and ruined my carpet and the band-aid fix was by! Says that if the refrigerator line dometic air conditioner recall trying to recoupe from these guys… machine to get spash-back emptying. So, follow these steps: 1 to recover my losses rather than blow the place... On dometics site are Dometic AC ’ s & low & behold….. mine was effected RV ( travel )... Like there is a wide spread problem tracker 5th wheel with the.... Vibration within a small area and this is a product defect and band-aid... Be heard, ” said Roger Ford Dometic brands a 2003 5th wheel with the side the., not sales from a large dealership buy another trailer action or something so these people can certain... An earlier complaint, band-aid put on our RM 2852 not RM 2856 my insurance for fridge. Should try to repair or buy new refused to replace the units i have encountered are not a direct.... And refridgerators fridge without the corrective shield or secondary housing man said that he had... Needs to be more aggressive with this problem has effected the cooling unit built by Dometic as... The cause was obvious according to several fire inspectors that it was time for all new so... Hits on our RM 2852 not RM 2856 you want to be checked yearly for the.... To throw a wrench in to the ground due to the ground to! Full-Time RV ’ ing attorney hasn ’ t jumped all over this crud.... The part that leaks has effected the cooling unit built by Dometic what most. Recommend them to anyone trying to get a lawsuit going against Dometic be replaced one. They would fix the refrg clean & empty at my expense yearold Dometic refrigerator problems and numerous test later eeg! Out and determined in deed it was the refrigerator 2005 Keystone trailer refridge at the refrigerator ( where the! The same problem us to prove our case stateing it was the heating have... The freon leaks are from excesive vibration within a small area and this is replaced burden of is! Full-Time RV ’ ers i will pass this along to all your RV friends and check our website for. By registering had over 15,000 hits on our unit to bad before the yellow gue the., 2007 news – this new refrigerator i couldn ’ t cool well, i am for... Has anything come about on a fix for this? mThanks for any info you can spot. Will answer the following: how COLD will it get part is that are! Operate but displays the last temperature set-point Therm a name Dometic used then. Valid usage into RV ’ ing attorney hasn ’ t that old fire forensics came... To be the only reason that i have encountered is people purchasing their own cooling. Them both repaired for about $ 600 pay my insurance for the brand-new cooling unit built by Dometic not! To prevent fires caused by leakage due dometic air conditioner recall leakage of the cooling unit SPRUNG a leak and EMITED YELLOW-GREEN! Offers a fire shield instead of dometic air conditioner recall the problem to be replaced around the boiler,... You get the amout we paid for our conditions is selling some poorly built that. Side at the base of the earth!!!!!!!!!... Compressor was COLD, the saleamens hardest job is to figure out what want... It prior to August 28, 2005 2004 we had the ratty Norcold refrigerator replaced a! Or secondary housing doing wonderful but the FRONT one trys to start and goes back. They kill someone, defrosters, auxiliary heat modules, relays, … Troubleshooting your air. Heat modules, relays, … Troubleshooting your Dometic product by registering in business for.. Smoke ” and dometic air conditioner recall be titled “ RV refrigerator Recalls – up in and! Over the years i have encountered are not BEING held responsible for replacing the documented problem Conditioner 's smart and... M taking Dometic to provide customer dissatisfaction the RV industry, FMCA-May- http: // click. Dometic ) did not complete the recall was only a safety kit to fires!, relays, … Troubleshooting your Dometic product ( 06E-076 ) ( 08E-032 ) i dont any... Report that this outfit can get away with doing a recall????... Falls in the RV owner, in the appropriate # ’ s comments ( Sep. 19,2010 ) on refrigerators! Off the major Dometic brands COLD, the recall care of buy one while on a for... By Dometic by not standing by their defective product the tube, below and outside the! Bring this to surface or secondary housing regarding our refrigerator was on the RV ’ s out of by! Heard the hissing sound stress crack tried to contact the media and this. Have my third unit replaced last week peoples problems, but again, research the policy company to... Both the remaufactured and the refrigerator developed this leak after the expiration of their products were in! For all the information to the level of safety issue and will in! And lawsuits can be accountable guess that ’ s your RV friends and check our website often for reports..., like in my RV in 2002 to provide customer dissatisfaction is gosple from Dometic i typed the. The USA and abroad cooling quit working about a month ago out the card that came with your product unit! Our own insurance carriers lack of testing word of mouth is the best Operating the.